Ann Scroggie
Storyteller, Educator, Speaker

“Thanks for being a part of you literacy fund raiser.  I heard many favorable comments about your motivation and enjoyable story speech.  Your task was not easy, with such a diverse audience.” - Janet L., Gilchrist County School Board

“Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your stories with us.  We sere amazed with what storytelling can do.” - Judy B., High Springs Community School

“Your storytelling is the #1 request for programs for our ALERT senior group.” - Jean E., ALERT Senior Services

“You are a gifted storyteller who engages listeners and helps them see your stories in their mind’s eye.” - Troy H., Kiwanis Club

“I would like to thank you for your hard work helping me and my staff.  I felt your guidance was the key we needed to give ANAMAR personnel the ability to keep the attention of the audience focused on our services.” - Nadia C., ANAMAR Environmental Consulting

“I want to thank you for the interesting workshop you gave us.  We had never had a workshop like that before and it made people really think about what kind of stories we are learning.” - Marianne S., Beaches League of Jacksonville

“I loved the eagle story so much.  So many people have told me I was a chicken, but I believe I am a growing eagle.  I learned that I am special.  I didn’t know that stories could teach you to believe in yourself.” - Crystal H., Age 12, student

“I learned to appreciate deaf people when you told us about the ‘Deaf Boy Who Spoke’.  I never thought about how much teachers have to understand about us kids.” - Cassidy R., age 13, student

“I thought you were talking about me and then I realized it was a story.  I feel good about getting old!” - Marlene S., senior

“One question, ‘When can you come again?” - Jim T., church leader